Frequently Asked Questions


Product Details

1. What is Ziphius™?

Is an aquatic drone controlled by smartphones and tablets that plays Augmented Reality (AR) Games and takes tons of pictures and videos.

2. Is my smartphone/tablet compatible with Ziphius™?

Ziphius™ apps are compatible with iOS based devices (version 4.3 +) or Android (version 2.2+).

3. Does any phone/tablet work with Ziphius™?

No, you need to have a smartphone or tablet device with WiFi connectivity and a n Android or iOS supported operating system.

4. What do I need to play with Ziphius™?

You need a smartphone or a tablet; the Ziphius™ control app and… the Ziphius™ itself!

5. How fast is Ziphius™?

Ziphius™ can easily reach 5.4 Knots.

6. What are Ziphius™’ dimensions and weight?

Dimensions:~ 25 cm x ~ 40 cm x ~ 20 cm (Width x Length x Height); Weight: ~1,5 kg

7. How long does the battery of the Ziphius™ last?

One hour under average conditions of use.

8. Which type batteries does it use?

Ziphius™ uses LiFe (LiFePO4) batteries. This type of battery is very powerful but also safe and environmentally friendly.

09. What is Ziphius’™ maximum range?

The maximum WiFi range is up to 300ft (90m). It may however, depend on several factors such as weather conditions or interference from other wireless networks.

10. Is Ziphius™ fragile?

No, Ziphius™ outer shell is made from Expanded Polypropylene Plastic (EPP) that is very resistant to impact and abrasion. You should however, be more careful with the hard plastic components such as the turbines and the camera window cap but these are still very robust.

11. How do I get the applications and games to control the Ziphius™?

Via iTunes, Google Play and Ziphius™ website.

12. What devices are supported by these applications and games?

Ziphius’™ applications and games run on iOS and Android based devices.

13. Can I see the video camera stream on my device?

Of course you can! Ziphius™ shares its view of the world with you in real-time.

14. Can I view what’s underwater with Ziphius™?

Yes, you can control the vertical angle of the video camera. It can tilt 160º degrees (downward + upward). Nonetheless, keep in mind that Ziphius does not submerge (it’s not a submarine).

15. What’s included in Ziphius™ package?

The kit includes: one Ziphius™ + 110-220V charger (EU or US plug).

16. Why the name Ziphius™?

Choosing a name for our drone was not easy but with plenty of brainstorming we finally made a decision. Turns out choosing the name of the goose beaked whale – Ziphius Cavirostris – was a good match. At that time we did not know how similar they would actually look! Like Ziphius Cavirostris, our drone is fast and can amaze you by playing in the water… it also has a dorsal fin. Even the yellowish shades on its black body are similar to our top color choice… and they both float as if they are waiting for the best opportunity to surprise and impress you.

17. What are Ziphius™ colors?

Ziphius is made of two distinct materials plastic and EPP. The plastic section is always black but the EPP section may come in the following available colors: yellow, black, white, orange and pink. We chose the yellow for the first batch of Ziphius as it stands out in any body of water but we are planning to offer other colors.


Using Ziphius™

1. Where can I use it?

You can use it in any body of water (salt or sweet). Ziphius™ has been spotted in swimming pools, lakes, beaches and out in open waters (with a boat nearby).

2. When operating it, is there any possibility of losing control of it?

The danger of losing control of your Ziphius™ increases during each of the following two situations: when Ziphius™ runs low on battery or when the distance between you and your Ziphius™ is too long so the WiFi connection is lost. In both situations, the Ziphius™ app will sound an alert: low battery level or low WiFi connection. You should also pay attention to your mobile device battery level.

3. What happens if I lose contact with my Ziphius™ when playing with it on open waters?

If you lose the WiFi connection you will not be able to control it. In that case, Ziphius™ is programmed to automatically stop its engines, enter into safe mode, to save power, and activate its emergency lights so you can locate it better.

4. In case I´ve lost the WiFi connection what do I need to do to regain control of my Ziphius™?

If you regain the WiFi range, even with Ziphius™ operating in safe mode, you can restore the WiFi connection and control it again through your mobile device.

5. Does it need any special care?

After usage you should always rinse it with tap water, especially after using it in salt water. To preserve the battery life you should charge it completely after usage, even if you are going to put it into the storage.

6. Does Ziphius™ have an age limit for children?

Ziphius™ can be used by anyone over 14 years old. However, any child can play with it as long as there is adult supervision.

7. How do I drive Ziphius™?

Use one of the existing applications or games available for your mobile device.

8. How do I charge Ziphius™?

It comes with a power adapter that you have to plug into Ziphius™. To have access to Ziphius’™ plug you need to take off the EPP shell and remove the plug lid. Be sure Ziphius™ is dry and in off mode, before charging it.


How It Works

1. Can I store pictures and video captured by Ziphius’™ camera?

Ziphius™ can capture and store images and videos on board. Onboard capture has better quality because it is not constrained by the live video stream between Ziphius™ and your mobile device. Ziphius has a memory card on-board to store the data that you can download and erase directly using WiFi through the media gallery of the control application.

2. How do I connect Ziphius™ to my device? Does it have any costs?

The connection between Ziphius™ and your mobile device is established through a dedicated WiFi connection, which involves no costs.

3. Can I connect multiple devices to a Ziphius™?

Yes, but that is not recommended because it may cause severe interference in the WiFi communication and will affect Ziphius’™ performance significantly.

4. Does it use my phone or tablet’s battery?

Yes, controlling Ziphius™ will heavily use your mobile device battery. When controlling Ziphius™ your screen will be permanently on as well as the WiFi communications (which eats away at your battery life). Any app that heavily uses the mobile device processor will increases the energy consumption. Be aware of your mobile device battery level because if you run out of battery you will lose control of Ziphius™. Be sure to get Ziphius™ back to you before you run out of battery.

5. Is the battery removable/replaceable?

Yes. Ziphius™ uses long-life rechargeable batteries that with proper care will last several years. Nevertheless, you may need to replace it. To do that just follow the user’s manual.

6. Can I develop my own applications and games for the Ziphius™?

Not in this first version. We are planning to release a developer SDK in a future version for users to develop their own Ziphius’™ apps.


Get Yours

1. How do I get a Ziphius™?

You can just click “PRE-ORDER” on the top bar of this website or contact us directly at

2. I live outside the United States. Can I still contribute to the project and be eligible for rewards?

Absolutely! We’re excited to offer Ziphius™ internationally. Just be sure to add international shipping and handling to your contribution.

3. Will the Ziphius™ be available after the Kickstarter campaign? How much will it cost?

Yes, afterwards you’ll be able to order it directly from the Ziphius™ website. The price is yet to be defined.



1. I’m a member of the press/media. How can I reach the Ziphius™ team?

Send an e-mail to or call us at +351 21 031 4000

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