The Legend

"Once upon a time, in the heart of the Atlantic Ocean, Ziphius™ was spotted gliding along the Azorean sea where the four elements have more strength than in few other places on earth. Its origin is veiled in mystery and until now there have been only rumors: some say it comes from the lost city of Atlantis, others say its capabilities are not of this world."

Ziphius™ is the cutest evolutionary adaptation that matches the wonders of the Azores.


Advanced technological features translated as superpowers:

  • Fast & Powerful

    The turbines’ high performance make Ziphius™ a powerful being, fast like the wind (its speed can reach 5.4 Knots)

  • Hydrodynamic

    The optimized design makes it fluid like water, enabling it to always stay upright (even in turbulent waters).

  • Compliant

    The extra-sensory dorsal power scans the environment to find the matching signal from your smartphone or tablet up to a 300ft (90m) range.

  • Playful

    Autonomous behaviors make Ziphius™ smart enough to play the catch or dance for you. Augmented Reality apps create enchanted gaming scenarios. Alone or with friends, you have zillions of fun playing with its apps and games.

  • Curious

    The skilled HD camera allows a 160º tilting angle and the LED enhances the vision in darker waters.

  • Social media ready

    Ziphius™ cannot live without interaction; it is always taking pictures and videos to share with everyone.

Please note: we’re increasing Ziphius’™ superpowers so there will be more available soon.

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