Azorean is a spin-off of YDreams, founded in 2012. It intends to assume a leading role in the ocean sector and the first product is Ziphius™. Want to know more about the minds behind it? Meet the team:


António CâmaraAntónio Câmara


António Câmara is a Professor at Universidade Nova de Lisboa and has been a Visiting Professor at both Cornell University (1988-89) and MIT (1998-99). He was a Senior Consultant to the Expo98 project in Lisbon and Senior Advisor to the National Geographical Information System. He has been CEO and Chairman of the Board since the YDreams was founded. He is our President and is of Azorean descent.

Edmundo NobreEdmundo Nobre

Chief Executive Officer

Edmundo Nobre co-founded YDreams. During the company’s initial start-up phase he managed project development for the company’s education and culture divisions, and as Chief Scientist oversaw YDreams’ in-house R&D. In the 1990′s Edmundo was a world-leading Portuguese specialist in Virtual Reality, and in 1999 he spent time at MIT as Visiting Scientist.

Cristina GouveiaCristina Gouveia

Chief Operations Officer

Cristina Gouveia has a PhD on Environmental Engineering from Universidade Nova de Lisboa and has a Master on City Planning from MIT. She has been leading initiatives in the field of spatial data infra-structures and in the use of Information and Communication Technologies  for public participation. While at YDreams, she was responsible for R&D projects in the field of user experience and interactivity. Her dream is to explore the use of ICT and robotics to protect the oceans.

Francisco RibeiroFrancisco Ribeiro

Head of Design

Francisco has a BSc in Graphic Design from ETIC. He worked at YDreams as a graphical and interaction designer since 2004 and is now bringing his experience to Azorean, S.A.

Vinod KaruvatVinod Karuvat

Head of Hardware

Vinod has a Masters in Engineering of Electronics and Telecommunications from The Sussex University. His interests include board design, FPGAs and image processing. He is originally from Kerala, India.

Nuno CardosoNuno Cardoso


Nuno has worked with virtual reality since the mid 90′s expanding into the field of augmented reality by the turn of the millennium. He’s a full time developer with skills ranging from low level assembly to high level languages and frameworks such as C# and .Net on miscellaneous operating systems. His favorite tasks are hunting down elusive bugs and solving tricky “out of the box” problems. He’s been contributing to Ziphius’™ growth with video streaming development among other things.

Pedro LucasPedro Lucas


Pedro has a degree in Informatics Engineering from FCT-UNL. Development of multimedia applications is his specialty. He is a code master for  Ziphius™ and assembles any type of hardware.

Inês Ribeiro

Inês Ribeiro


Inês has a degree in Photography and Visual Culture from IADE and a Master’s degree in Cinema and Television from Universidade Nova de Lisboa.

Manuel LinoManuel Lino

Photos & Video

Photographer, videographer and also a graphic designer, Manuel Lino has been working the past years as a photo journalist and video editor at one of the largest media groups in Portugal. At Azorean he does a little bit of everything, from paparazzing Ziphius™ during his swimming sessions to gluing a piece or two here and there.

Ricardo FitasBruno Carreiro


Bruno has a degree in Design from IADE and a post-grad in Product Design from the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Lisbon. He is interested in a lot of design related fields and likes to attempt at new challenges just for the fun of it.

Miguel GomesAlexandre Santos

Web Development

Alexandre fell in love with Web development in 2002, by the time he realized, as a DJ/music producer, that the Web constitutes an exceptional tool to communicate with his audience. He loves all web languages but WordPress has a special place in his heart. Alex is currently finishing his Masters degree in New Media and Web Practices at Universidade Nova de Lisboa.

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